Flauntly Templates Are Here!

Free Landing Page Templates!?

Now that we have your attention, allow us you introduce you to Flauntly templates. Create landing pages faster with pre-designed and free responsive templates.

What’s included, what’s next, and why it matters.

Since the launch of Flauntly, many users have asked the same question: How can I make my landing page look better? Experienced designers don't need a framework to follow when building landing pages, but we didn't create Flauntly only for designers! So, we have developed a simple solution: Flauntly Templates.  

What are Flauntly Templates?

Flauntly Templates are pre-designed landing pages in various themes created to speed up workflow and help improve the look and feel of campaigns while maximizing conversion.

The result is an easier, speeder, intuitive way to create landing pages without the need for design know-how.

Move fast and try new things

Using Flauntly Templates will save a lot of time often spent on brainstorming and thinking of ways to create effective pages. Even better, a template can be altered to your liking and then duplicated on your dashboard if you wish to make a branded campaign or series of pages.

How to get started

We kept things simple by maintaining the same interface for creating pages and seamlessly integrating the new flow in there. Now clicking the Add Page button will open a window with several templates you can choose from —along with the option to start from scratch with a blank page.

What’s next?

The new Templates feature is only the first step in our effort to help you build beautiful landing pages fast and hassle-free. We will be adding many more templates to choose from with a wide range of themes. In addition, a public gallery will be added to the Flauntly site for exploration of more templates as they become available. We look forward to seeing what you've created with Flauntly!

Written By:
Flauntly Team

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