What’s brewing!

The team is tirelessly working to bring Flauntly out of BETA soon, and we wanted to give you updates on what we are doing. Here is a list of things that are coming with the next release:

Single Page App!
We rebuilt Flauntly from the ground up to work as a single page app, which means a new fluid and responsive experience without the constant page reloads!

Enhanced UI and UX
Informed by the insights from user testing, we refined Flauntly’s user interface to improve the user experience. We restructured the main editing interface and simplified the process for building landing pages.

Optimized Images
Our users love to load their landing pages with high quality images and graphics, some can be very large. We took a closer look at auto optimizing images to improve performance and page load time.

Google Analytics Integration
How good is a marketing campaign if you can’t track it’s performance? Pro users will have the option to track their landing page performance by integrating with Google Analytics.

Custom Domains!
Pro users will be able to use their own custom domains with Flauntly.

The beta version of Flauntly is ready to use now! We’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think at www.flauntly.com. And we will keep you posted as we roll out additional features.

Details regarding the different Flauntly plans will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Written By:
Ali Ali

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