5 Tips for Designing Effective Landing Pages

We put together a list of essential tips to help you design landing pages that convert.

Landing pages are an invaluable tool inside the digital toolbox of any marketer. Whether you are trying to sell a new product or promote a service, they can help you educate customers and drive conversion.

Unlike general-purpose homepages, a landing page is designed with one goal in mind: keeping users focused on taking action. How? The answer is really simple. It’s all about reducing complexity. Online users are more likely to click a buy or subscribe button when it is the only action to take on a web page.

Think of it this way: Which one is more effective for conversion—a page with dozens of actions fighting for your attention or a single one? Obviously, a single action!

Here are five tips to help you create effective landing pages.  

  1. Define Your Landing Page Purpose

Before you create your next landing page, start with a specific goal in mind. Landing pages are not effective for achieving broad and general goals, but rather specific and laser-focused actions

  1. Think About Your Audience

There aren't two of us alike. We are all unique in our personality, circumstances, and needs. Considering this simple fact, we should create more personalized content. Serving a specific message to each unique user is not possible (yet). But you should at least target groups with similar demographics.

Instead of creating one landing page, try creating several with unique variables aimed at different demographics within your target audiences. For example, if you sell cars, you might want to create a landing page about all-wheel-drive cars and target customers who live in heavy-snow areas. Create another page for your convertible cars and target those lucky customers who live in warm and sunny areas.

  1. Simplify the Message

You are creating a landing page to make taking action focused and easy to do. Part of this process is to keep the message simple and easy to follow. A complicated, unclear message will confuse your potential customers about what you are offering them.

  1. Tell a Story

If someone tries to sell you a pen, you might be willing to pay no more than a few dollars. Now, what if you find out this pen belonged to President John F. Kennedy. How much are you willing to pay now?

The stories and essence we attribute to everything around us are ultimately what determines their worth to us. When you create your landing page, tell the story of the product or service you are offering, like why it was made and the amount of work that went into realizing it in this final form. This helps create value for your customers.

  1. Measure, Learn, and Optimize

Without measurements, it's hard to make informed decisions about how to improve your landing page performance. For the most effective result, you must measure, learn, and optimize your landing pages. Integrating Google Analytics can be a very helpful way to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Also, you can create a page, duplicate it and then make some minor adjustments so you can run an A/B experiment. Using Google Analytics, you can easily see which version is performing best.

Heeding these tips will help you ensure the effectiveness of your next landing page.

Written By:
Ali Ali

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