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Flauntly was developed to enable users to quickly and easily build landing pages, which can deliver powerful, sharply focused messages about specific products or services. Since the launch, many landing pages have been created to show the variety of what Flauntly can be used for.

Mobile App

Flauntly makes it easy to create a page for your next mobile app. Within minutes you can put up a landing page that highlights all the app features and provide users with an easy way to download it.


Creating a new product takes discipline and hard work, marketing it shouldn’t. Flauntly can be used as the final crucial step within a sales funnel to effectively capture prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Real Estate

Agents are busy and they need to quickly showcase properties in a visually stunning way. Flauntly ease of use and powerful components, makes this a possibility.

The beta version of Flauntly is ready to use now! We’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think at And we will keep you posted as we roll out additional features.

Written By:
Ali Ali

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