Flauntly On Product Hunt!

We would like to thank all those who upvoted Flauntly on Product Hunt and especially those who took the time to truly test the product and provide us with valuable feedback to help improve it.

Several new users created new landing pages for their businesses and took full advantage of the many components that Flauntly had to offer.

When we set out to make Flauntly, we did so with goal to help marketers quickly and easily create a landing page for their services and products. At this point, you might be asking, why we need another landing page builder and what makes Flauntly different from the rest? The answer is two words: Ease and speed!

To truly achieve this, we need your help by testing the product and providing us with any feedback you might have. Get started today for free at Flauntly.com.

Written By:
Ali Ali

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