Product Marketing: 10 Highly Effective Tips to Promote a Product

1. Be on a top 10 list that includes your product and place it strategically‍

  • Do a Google search
  • Click on the ranking post sharing a list of recommended products for that use case
  • These types of lists are where you should be

How do you get on this type of list?

  • You can contact the journalist or blogger and ask to be on the list
  • Another method is to write a blog post mentioning your product and ask them to publish it on their site

2. Get Influencers to do a product review

Reviews from influencers are a great way to reach new customers and help more people discover your product, although it's not the easiest method to accomplish.

Note: Mainstream journalists and bloggers are flooded with press releases and story pitches. Instead of reaching out to them immediately, improve your chances by targeting influencers and bloggers.

Other than sending them press releases:

  • Reach out with a personable email and ask them if they would like to see a sample of your product.
  • Aim for an excellent review — driving a ton of traffic to your landing / product page.

3. Use Pinterest - social media reach

Many active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases and majority of those pinners make purchases because of Pinterest as well.

  • Many people therefore use Pinterest to build wishlist. So this is a place you need your product to be.
  • Pins stick around for a long time, so build a presence there and also use buyable pins to target the appropriate audience that you need.

4. Facebook custom audiences

Facebook Ads is a highly recommended tool for marketing and driving traffic to your Flauntly landing page.

  • Billions of people are on Facebook
  • As an advertising platform, you can target the most minute interest available
  • If you have a particular type of customer in mind, you can target those and others like them

With Facebook custom audiences:

  • Advertise your landing page(s), website / store and additionally, target your email marketing database.
  • Target look-alike audiences (people that look like the people that like you on Facebook and email address that you upload)

Along with your landing page to capture leads, this is one of the most important tool(s) when advertising your product.

5. Use the Flauntly landing page builder

By highlighting your product / features with a landing page, you can zero in on what matters most.

  • Provide users with an easy way to learn about the product, gain interest and take action
  • Gain a lot of customers and growth
  • Use focused marketing methods

Landing page builders like Flauntly are definitely crucial necessities when running promotional product campaigns.

6. Blogger outreach

One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is promoting a product when you don’t have an audience yet.

  • Without a community built up, you would have to pay to drive traffic to your product page(s)
  • Would have to tap into somebody else’s audience until you have your own.
  • Blogger outreach is a great way to build prestige around your product and get it in front of interested shoppers
  • Ask authoritative bloggers to feature or view your product
  • If they have an audience that trusts their opinion, it could drive a lot of traffic and it could drive a lot of sales.

7. Use Instagram

Instagram has over 400 million active users and about half of them are on the platform every single day.

  • If your product or service is a fit for Instagram, that’s a space you should use.

There are several ways to promote your product on Instagram:

  • Share attractive images of your product
  • Post videos of the products being used
  • Run a marketing campaign
  • Work with influential Instagram accounts
  • Promote your product using Facebook Ads right in their stream

8. Use YouTube

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine and although it’s not the easiest way to promote a product, your videos will be seen for years to come and is very SEO-friendly.

9. Run a contest or sweepstake

Contests are an easy and affordable way to get your company in front of a lot of people. By giving away your product, you are more likely to get in front of your targeted audience.

Run a contest that allows multiple entries:

  • Offer a series of tasks that gives your entrants more ways to talk about your company / product but also increases their odds of winning the contest because you give them more entries.

10. Public relations

This one is very difficult to do cost-effectively, but if you can handle it yourself or work with an agency to do it inexpensively, then PR is a very powerful solution for most businesses large and small.

Keep in mind:

  • Most journalists are inundated with press releases and pitches for stories
  • It might not be best to approach them with press releases
  • It’s usually beneficial to build a relationship first by showing interest and support (commenting, sharing, etc.), then learn what they write about.
  • Once you get a response on social media from them, reach out with a personal email asking if you can send them a sample of your product
  • Invite them to review your product or service.
  • Ask what research is needed to complete a story or to develop a story even further.

Now that your product is ready to promote, start driving leads / customers with the pointers listed above — allowing your target audience to learn more about your product and become enticed to make that first purchase! Get started by setting up your free and easy-to-build landing page here (no coding skills required) and share with the world what your product has to offer. We are excited to see your product’s reach!

Written By:
Flauntly Team

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