Integrate your email marketing system

Step 1: Create a MailChimp List

  1. Open your MailChimp dashboard
  2. Go to the Lists tab
  3. Click Create List

Step 2: Set up a "Subscriber Popup" form

  1. Open your List Settings
  2. Go to the Signup Forms tab
  3. Select Subscriber Popup

Step 3: Customize your form in MailChimp

Customize your form inside MailChimp and then click "View code"

Step 4: Copy your code

From the popup, copy the entire code and head back to Flauntly

Step 5: Click the settings icon

Open your Flauntly landing page, and click on the settings icon

Step 6: Click the "Integrations" tab

Step 7: Paste your code

Paste your MailChimp Subscriber Popup form code into the footer custom code field

Step 8: Publish your page

That's it!

You are all set. Now the form should show up on your landing page. Make sure to refresh your page or clear your cache.